Empowering staff

At our next CAT, we are going to collectively create a driver diagram for each SIP priority. I want staff to identify the improvements that they want to invest time in.

Then, we’ll use the KANBAN approach to make change happen. This will help with my worries that improvements don’t happen in my absence.

22.10.17 update

At Monday’s CAT, I worked with both sets of staff separately answering the question, What are our priorities? The session was designed to give the staff a real opportunity to share what THEY think THEY should be spending time on.

I planned a clear session with 3 clear tasks to complete. Time was a challenge and we only managed to complete 2 tasks. However. I feel the staff valued the opportunity to have input into our improvement journey. 

One comment from a teacher was that they would have preferred advance warning of the discussion to enable them to prepare. However, I feel the ‘gut reaction’ discussion painted a more accurate picture of what is at the forefront of people’s thinking. 

Action for me following these sessions is to complete action plansfor each of the agreed priorities. 

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