Raising standatds

How do I, as HT, raise standards in my schools? How much influence do I really have on students progress?

As HT I am responsible for the standards in my schools. I am concerned that I am not having a big enough impact on such standards. By standards I mean the outcomes of pupils in terms of attainment. 

What should I be doing to raise standards? What could I be doing?

I have been looking at the Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit. This provides some helpful direction. There are 2 points to note; Feedback and Meta-cognition. Feedback has an impact of +8 months. But only if done properly. Meta-cognition also has an impact of +8 months. 

These are two methodologies that should be part of excellent teaching pedagogy. It is my job to make this so. 

But what about pupil standards? How do I ensure pupils’ writing is of the highest standard, not just compared to their previous learning but nationally? This, for me, is about expectations. My role is to set, share and support the implementation of high standards. 

To achieve this, class teachers need to be clear about the standard we are working towards. This requires clarity about progression WITH EXAMPLES. 

So, how do I raise standards? Firstly, I need to ensure my teachers’ pedagogy prioritises feedback and self-regulation. In parallel, I need to ensure teachers are absolutely clear about standards. 

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