Pedagogy, curriculum and culture (Moore, 2000)

Once again, the recommended readings are challenging my previously held (although not particularly evidenced-based) thinking about education. This paper is particularly making me think about curriculum design. Whilst Moore is debating the policy level of education and Curriculum, the ideas, concepts and challenges are applicable at school level in relation to our curriculum rationale.

The following excerpts have particular value / require further consideration:

1) The potential mismatch between…

2) To what extent can education really empower children, if the social system within which it takes place is fundamentally disempowering? (p38)

3) The need to ensure clarity of the skills and process of learning just as much as clarity of the content. Transmission supports content, constructivist supports skills.

4) education, whatever teachers might want to make of it, is designed not so much for the benefit of the student body as for the reproduction of a compliant work-force. (p40)

5) pedagogic identities = how a school perceive and present themselves and their professional practice. (p42)

6) How true is this observation???

7) Reflective questions about ideology behind education…

8) Curriculum discussion questions…

9) Summary reflection questions…

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