Learning about learning

My continued reading of Effective learning in the classroom is really helping me think about the importance of focusing on learning over teaching. Whilst this sounds obvious, the authors of this book state, ‘the word learning may be heard in conversations and meetings, but much of it is a subtle cover for talk about teaching or results or schoolwork.’ (p122)

Chapter 3 provides a useful overview of theories of learning, namely transmission, constructivist and co-constructivist.

I will be using this chapter to adapt my approach to classroom visits. My focus will be on the learning not the teaching.

This line of thinking is further supported by chapter 9 of this text. It explores the importance of ‘learning about learning’, discussing the role of Metacognition in the classroom. This, according to the authors, is an absolute essential component of effective learning.

However, Metacognition should not be ‘taught’ as an overt lesson but should be introduced and discussed discretely during the course all learning.

A helpful summary of what a metacognitive classroom looks like (or a MOLE)…

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