Understanding what enables high quality professional learning (CUREE report)

Phase 3, B2

Click to access CUREE-Report.pdf


  • Sustained over time: 49hrs of CPD had measurable impact on pupil outcomes. Less than 15hrs had no impact. 80hrs led to greater change in practice.
  • Interesting to see the comparison to student learning… Learning is learning!

Compared to Mulcahy report…

This report discusses the different approaches to CPD. The focus is on impact of professional learning and, more specifically, Cpd approaches that have the greatest impact.

The Mulcahy report is more about the theory of professional learning and how to facilitate it with adults.

I don’t think there are any real conflicts as they serve different purposes.

What does it mean for my settings?

I do need to ensure I consider the conclusions from both of these reports when developing professional learning opportunities. I am encouraged when reflecting upon some of our recent sessions that have, I feel, facilitated learning as reflection and learning by encountering. These include our cluster workshops too.

I am considering how to develop a cluster-wide CPD programme to draw out some expertise and experiences of staff. The CUREE report could inform this development.

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