Curriculum development – a cluster approach

As HTs of our cluster schools, we met this week to discuss our shared understanding of curriculum. A number of documents and resources influenced our discussion including;

  1. HGIOS4 2.2
  2. Clever Lands by Lucy Crehan
  3. Assessing good progress by
  4. Impact Wales sketch notes
  5. My own Influences on the curriculum graphic (below)

It was a very useful and exciting discussion. I was able to suggest a model that needed shared agreement…

Curriculum = Content + Pedagogy + Assessment

We discussed the need to agree broad  principles that we could all work towards whilst still allowing for individual school autonomy.

 Content: We discussed purpose and decluttering. We discussed the concept of powerful knowledge. We discussed BtC1 and the original lines of development. We agreed to look at Science and agree subjects specific content that would span second and third level.

Pedagogy: We discussed the difference between teaching a knowledge-based lesson and an enquiry based lesson. We discussed the importance of doing the right things, the right way. 

Assessment: We didn’t really get to this element but did poise the questions; For whom? Against what?

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