Shared Headship

Can shared heads really drive improvement?

Change needs consistency and consistency needs people doing things every day.

In shared headship, the HT can’t be in both places all the time. This makes change a slower process and is ultimately reliable upon the staff that are present every day.

To drive improvement, shared headship needs a leader (not a manager) on site every day.

My experience of shared Headship is that I spend most of my time managing and far less time leading.

Shared Headship can work if local authorities are happy for shared schools to be managed – kept ticking along, no issues, status quo maintained.

Shared Headship schools are much more difficult to lead without a continuous leadership presence.

The staffing model in shared head schools is fundamental. Both schools need someone who is able to keep the improvements going. This is difficult for class teachers as there primary focus, rightly, is on their class.

So who can be the constant change agent? If both schools have a PT, that should work BUT only if the PT is a leader not just a manager.

What is a leader? Someone with a vision, with passion and with a plan for better.

How do we enable shared Headship schools to improve and not just cruise?

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