Attending to learning – collection of insights

concept map of meaningful learning.PNG

Sun, J. C.-Y., Hwang, G.-J., Lin, Y.-Y., Yu, S.-J., Pan, L.-C., & Chen, A. Y.-Z. (2018). A Votable Concept Mapping Approach to Promoting Students’ Attentional Behavior: An Analysis of Sequential Behavioral Patterns and Brainwave Data. Educational Technology & Society, 21 (2), 177–191.

Engaging sufficient attention in learning tasks is essential to achieving meaningful learning.

Introducing MARGE: A superb ebook about learning by Arthur Shimamura

Shimamura, a professor of psychology specialising in memory and cognition has written a short guide to how memory works with numerous implications for teachers and students.



Classroom attention paper




Top tips for teachers

Blog post from 2015 – Why Attention Is Essential To Learning And The Formation Of Memory. Some helpful references and statements.

Research paper from 1999. Strategies to Enhance Memory Based on Brain Research. Some very helpful insights and claims.

Strategies to Enhance Memory Based on Brain Research

See pages 7 -9 for strategies to engage attention Strategies_to_Enhance_Memory_Based_on_Brain_Research

See also The-neuroscience-of-making-learning-stick by Josephine-Thomson (2012). Whilst not a scholarly article, this is helpful in bringing additional thoughts.

Another helpful article what-is-attention (2009) with a review of 7 influences on attention.

Original paper that caught my attention: Learning – What is it, and how might 

D Willingham blog entry about impact of interruptions

Research paper into effect of classroom displays on attention and, consequently, learning (2014)

The more time a child spent off task, the less that child learned. P1367

Schweppe & Rummer (2013) paper. See notes on file.

Szpunar et al (2013)  Mind wandering and education: from the classroom to online learning

Karl K. Szpunar1*, Samuel T. Moulton1,2 and Daniel L. Schacter1

Kensinger et al (2003) paper exploring impact of split attention on learning

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