Masters Yr 2, Module 2

Welcome to module EDUP106 Coaching and Mentoring: Principles and Practices part of the MSc Professional Education and Leadership programme. This module is the second module in the following pathway: Coaching and Mentoring

Successful completion of this module will result in the award of 40 credits at SCQF Level 11.

Assessment will be both formative and summative.

The summative assessment comprises:

Part one: A critical analysis of the policy context in relation to professional learning and coaching and mentoring.

Part two: A report detailing your intervention providing one-to-one support for a colleague or support for a group of colleagues.

Part three: a critically reflective commentary on the significance, and implications of the intervention, including an evaluation of the impact on yourself, your colleague(s) and your establishment.

Part four: A critical reflection on your own learning and recommendations for future action.

The evidence for summative assessment will be the equivalent of 5000 words (equal to 100% of the module grade). It is necessary to pass all elements of the summative assessment to pass the module.


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