EDUP106 Phase 1 Task A4

Now that you have explored various models of coaching and mentoring you are able to begin to form an understanding of how these models are utilised within your context. As a coach or mentor to colleagues you will need to consider the various models and judge their efficacy in your individual setting.

Colleagues’ perceptions of what mentoring is, and their motivations to mentor (or not), are important considerations. In the paper below van Ginkel, Verloop and Denessen (2016) draw on the rich literature discussing coaching and mentoring in education alongside their own empirical evidence. The writers explore the relationships between mentor and mentee and look at the motivations and conceptions. Read the paper and think about how these findings might be pertinent in your own school/college setting. Come to the seminar day ready to discuss which aspects of this study are helpful in thinking about promoting mentorship among your own colleagues.

van Ginkel, G, Verloop, N, Denessen, E, (2016). Why mentor Linking mentor teachers_ motivations to their mentoring conceptions Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice
. 22 (1) pp. 101-116.


There are different motivations to mentor. There are different approaches to mentoring.

This study was focused on the following two research questions:

  1. To what extent do mentor teachers report generative outcome motives, personal learning motives, and instrumental and developmental mentoring conceptions?
  2. What is the relationship between mentor teachers’ mentoring motives and their mentoring conceptions?

The main implication of our findings is that programs should take account of the motives that drive mentors in their decision to become mentors, and of ways in which they might provide working conditions for mentors that may match their motives.



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