SEIC event – Engaging with parents – Keynote 1

Keynote 1 – Morag Treanor (Uni of Stirling)

Poverty of Aspiration

See briefing paper

Growingup in Scotland (GUS) data

! Poverty of Aspiration does NOT exist.!

For families living in extreme poverty, future hopes can often simply relate to getting to the end of the week!

All families (regardless of poverty) had high aspirations for their children.

Aspirations have become a key policy driver. Within current framework, we use a deficit model.

£37 billion of cuts affecting low income families

Children all start with high aspirations BUT for children in poverty, their confidence in their ability to achieve them diminish over time.

? What training do we give to teachers about child poverty?

Massive levels of in-work poverty. Absence of employment is not the cause of poverty.

A family deemed to be earning the national working wage will not earn enough to get out of poverty.

Data clearly shows no difference in experiences of school based on poverty.

There is a slight difference in what successful outcome looks like.

Parents in poverty have high aspirations but lack confidence to support child to achieve this.

Challenge for schools is to support parents to realise aspirations.


Flip our thinking

? How can we promote dignity and respect by recognising the barriers faced children in poverty?

The problem of stigma…

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