SEIC keynote 2

Janet Goodall – University of Bath

So important to share ideas, successes and failures.

Parent = anyone with a caring role for a child

? Do we celebrate academic achievement OR dreams achieved?

? Do we make the importance of early literacy skills and knowledge explicit to parents?

We need to think smarter about what we’re doing in our schools. We need to stop doing stuff to make room for better stuff.

Parental involvement is So important.

? Do we differentiate our supports to and engagement with parents?

Need to think VERY carefully about how we market our parental engagement activities.

“The chicken was involved in providng the egg. The pig was engaged in providing the sausage.”

We need a paradigm shift in our approach to parental engagement.

School is a very small part of learning.

Make every conversation and communication about learning.

? How can we better share LEARNING with parents? We need to tell them more. This week we are learning about…

Do we NEED parents to come to school more or should WE be getting out of school more?

Barriers to parental engagement:

  • Parental experience of schooling
  • Practical issues

Do we really KNOW our parents?

Parents need to know about the simple, basic things they can do to make a difference.

! We need parents engaged with LEARNING, not schooling.

? Do we need school improvement plans or learning improvement plans?

Use social media to break down barriers. Make school real.

? How are we encouraging family dialogue about things that can discuss – Planet Earth, I’m a celebrity, Marvel, etc.

100 ideas for primary teachers by Janet Goodall

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