EDUP106 Phase 2, Task B1

Chapter 1, Problematic and practice. In: Tripp, D. (1993/2012) Critical Incidents in Teaching: Developing Professional Judgement (Classic ed.). London: Routledge. (electronic resource)

Make notes in your journal about what ‘the problematic’ might mean in your practice.

Problematic (noun) = the theoretical structure which causes the phenomenon in question to be seen as a problem.

Reflecting on what we do is essential to the development of professional judgement, but unless our reflection involves some form of challenge to and critique of ourselves and our professional values, we tend to simply reinforce existing patterns and tendencies.

Awareness v problematic

Problematic has to do with the kinds of things which are seen to be problems and the kind of information sought to provide the kind of answers which are accepted as reasonable solutions to them.

It is our problematic which leads us to develop and uncritically rely upon a set of structured practices which are employed in more or less similar occasions, and which are generally called routines.

If we don’t control our professional awareness and problematics, then they control us.

Critical incidents are an excellent means of setting a practical agenda; they facilitate problematisation through rendering into anecdotal form otherwise unremarkable aspects of teaching practice and enabling teachers to work on their own concerns.

Problematic in my practice?

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